It all begins with research and setting goals

Finding new ways to create revenue becomes harder as the world becomes more and more complex. Now is the time for experimentation.

What we deliver

Business processes

Successful organisations rely on well-functioning processes, that ensures seamless communication between their members, customers and shareholders. Streamlining processes by automation and using new digital tools – every company can achieve higher levels of efficiency with the same resources.


Find out your customer segments, their frustration and gain creators. You achieve fit when customers get excited about your value proposition. Address important jobs, fix pain points and create essential gains that your customers care about. We know how to find the solution no matter the business domain you find yourself in.

Product strategy

Get it off the shelf or get ready to expand. Examining pain points of fulfillment to shape your product roadmap. Generating new sales channels through minuscule testing with a few selected products and ways of work.

Design sprint

Five days with us will do wonders for your business. Maximise your chances of making something people actually want and use. Set a direction for your product or service.

How we deliver


It all begins with research, then we make impact. Our team will jump head-first into the exploration of your workflow and strategy. Together let's gather the necessary data and dig deep. In order to help you with new revenue models and value streams, we must truly understand your business and your customers. Not to be skipped, otherwise it's only guesswork.


With the data in hand, together we explore multiple alternatives before picking and refining a particular direction. Let's focus on a few personas. Then flush those business model canvases out and systematically seek evidence to verify and kill our ideas. Let's get in touch with your customers continuously. Lastly, squeeze out a couple feasible models that support your bigger picture.


With the best idea at hand – we focus on a specific problem and ease up on customer pains. Then we dig into possible integration specifications. Lastly we publish your service to a specified segment of users.

Rinse & repeat

Now is the time to kill it or commit fully. We iterate on your value proposition on newly gathered data. Test out new pricing models and minimise operational expenses to maximise profit. On each run, carefully analyse the data and follow the build-measure-learn cycle. Now start scaling.

Future success has always been about creating sustainable business models and services that fit the need of the customer. Success never happens technology first – it becomes a necessity only when implemented in the correct way. Ignore technological fads and bandwagons, and become a pioneer in the application of carefully selected technologies that support your bigger picture.

To move forward, one must take the first step.