We deliver results for your business by creating modern solutions for todays problems. Our approaches always start from the business perspective.

Why Distrikt

Transparent partner

We work together with our clients, usually at your premises. This ensures ease of communication and constantly setting direction when learning more of your customers and business. We strive for lean principles and every project starts with setting up a kanban board.

Trusted, skilled and eager

Together with our clients, we have successfully delivered new digital services to the hands of customers numerous times. We've worked in multiple business domains: energy, telecommunications, medicine and eCommerce to name a few. We look forward to solving new problems by creating elegant solutions from validated ideas.


Every project has its quirks and not a single problem is the same. We have our process for the steps to pave the way, but somethings are always a bit different. And that's okay.

To move forward, one must take the first step.