Finding the right ways to upscale your product

Growth is not a game of luck – rather it's an outcome of understanding the product-market fit and delivering quality services. 

We help with

Behavioural data

Behavioural data often gets you answers immediately and in detail. Customers often say they’re doing something with your product, but analytics tell you what they’re actually doing. How much time do they spend on certain features? Where do users drop off along the way? How do different groups of people use a given feature? Quantitative data sheds light on these questions. We help you set up the needed infrastructure to get the answers.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

For plenty of businesses, conversion is the event that decides whether you'll be profitable or not. For eCommerce businesses especially, conversion is what your entire business is built around. For SaaS companies, large scale conversion is often a one-time experience, but several services offer several instances of micro-conversions: steps that have to be completed for the product to produce actual value. We help you get rid of the friction your customers are experiencing and thus bring in the bang for the buck.


We implement creative, low cost strategies and campaigns to help you acquire and retain customers. Strategy meaning ways to reach your customer personas by advising on communication channels and tone of voice. Followed by creating content aligned with the strategy. Be it banners, animations or videos. Writing blog content is not our thing, but when in need, we help you select a great partner for the job.

Marketing automation 

We can't help with automation without event tracking, so let's start from there. What is it that you want to accomplish? Less questions for customer support? Faster adoption of new services? When goals are set & sound we define a customer segment, which actions (or absence of them) trigger a series of content to be sent. We help you design the customer journey, educational content and set the thresholds.

Lately these tools have got the job done









Druid db




Premiere Pro

After Effects

How we deliver

Qualitative customer insights

Interviews are a lagging indicator, churn even more so. Customers might notice problems months before you receive their feedback. Churn only tells you that you weren't able to fix problems in time. We, however, have special insights into these issues. This is because we know how to set things so that you can also see how users behave in your product. If users are blocked from reaching your "aha" moments, with analytics we show you how. If the right customers aren't using the right features, data can help you better organise your product. Don't have proper event tracking in place? Then we'll start here.

Impact mapping & experiment ideation

When possible bottlenecks have been identified and new business goals have been set, we hop on to ideation. We create multiple ways for your service to reach its goals. Quite often we suggest pushing back to the UI drawing board or fixing errors in your forms (read on in Design & Development sections) before going forward. When this is cleared, we usually suggest scaling tactics with creating campaigns or developing automated communication with your customers. Let's pick a single idea, define KPI's and sample sizes and get to it.

The experiment

Before the campaign or automation project kicks off, we double check that the metrics sources needed are in place and that the set hypothesis is sound. Then we create needed content and develop possible automation tasks. Lastly we release to a small candidate group and make adjustments before full scale delivery. When we define KPI's let's also remember that we need a big enough sample size.

To move forward, one must take the first step.