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Interflora is the global leader in flower delivery. The company offers a floral delivery network in more than 150 countries and connects 58,000 florist shops across the world. Interfloras customers send flower greetings to the other side of the globe within hours from placing the order. Together we are reinventing the organisation and finding new ways of creating business incentives. A transforming collaboration that has lasted three years and continues with even stronger passion for the future ahead.



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Our new shop platform has boosted our sales and reduced back office work. This I call transformative success!

Tommy Nyman

Head of Digital

Scalability for peak time sales

Interflora's service is highly valued by customers during holiday seasons. By examining peaks in load we noticed that queries increased approximately 63 times in relation to the normal load while writes needed capacity for 12 times more. More than a third of Inteflora's customers want to have their greetings delivered during the same day and cutoff time for service regions differ. Customer data ownership was at a third party service provider, making sense of the data was a communicational burden rather than technological. System development had stagnated due to will of paying for it since IP's would remain at the provider and higher customer expectations created challenges for the way of doing business today.

Digitalisation is driven by technological advancement and organisational development. Our main focus has been in improving internal processes with smart work and lean culture to achieve higher throughput. We saw the platforms main purpose as supporting Interflora staff to increase sales while reducing the amount of work needed to maintain business capability. Peak season demand was tackled with help by todays cloud capabilities, we chose AWS and Kubernetes as our main tooling to scaling the platform up and down. In order to launch for production quickly, we went live with a subset of the features requested by business. By going live early, focus was brought to the table and incremental impacts were introduced, some even on a daily schedule.

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A steady +13% yearly growth in revenue. More important impacts have been the higher level of service quality for customers and more focused way of working inside the organisation head quarters. Having total ownership of data has evolved the way Inteflora directs marketing and system development efforts. Integrating the shop platform with Inteflora's ERP system has tremendously reduced time spent on accounting. Due to the amazing results, Inteflora now feels comfortable investing continuously in their sales channel development.

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Kaarlo Niinistö

Software architect

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